Hawaii Scholastic Journalism Association

Simplicity of Automatic Voter Registration

Micheal Puni and Hazel Ann Laguitan

September 10, 2016

With the decline of turnouts in voting these past years in Hawaii, the automatic voter registration should be implemented. Common Cause Hawai'i is a non-profit organization that fights for improvement in government operations. Having...

Marina Hruba UH Mānoa tennis star.

Hruba’s resiliency

September 10, 2016

Automatic voting registration in hopes to increase voter turnout

Mikaella Liban

September 10, 2016

Automatic Voter Registration will likely increase Hawaii’s voter turnout, which is at an all-time low. It is why lawmakers should support Common Cause Hawaii’s push to allow citizens who apply for a driver's license to...

Common Cause Goes for Hawaii

Hosanna Diocares

September 10, 2016

With the voter turnout at an embarrassingly low rate, Common Cause is advocating the passage of automatic voter registration. “When these people are unable to make their voices heard, our government does not truly represent...

Common Cause

Sonya Park Smith and Tasha Riklon, reporter

September 10, 2016

Students could be able to register to vote when applying for a driver’s license as soon as 2018, if Common Cause can convince state lawmakers that privacy and federal laws are protected. The Common Cause executive director...

An Athlete’s Life

Kawika Pegram

September 10, 2016

Two athletes, both from different parts of the world. Have had almost a completely different life. From support to coaching, Aiden Pike and Marina Hruba are two very exceptional athletes in their own respective sport. Marina...