Common Cause

Sonya Park Smith and Tasha Riklon, reporter

Students could be able to register to vote when applying for a driver’s license as soon as 2018, if Common Cause can convince state lawmakers that privacy and federal laws are protected.

The Common Cause executive director Corie Tanida is trying to get this bill approved that will allow easier registration to vote. However, undocumented immigrants from other countries or people who are not citizens of Hawaii, are not able to vote.

Hawaii has the lowest rate of voting in the all of the United States. Some obstacle for voting are that they are processed incorrectly or not at all. Another reason is to protect one’s own sensitive information such as their social security numbers.

“We have the opportunity to lead the country as a model and break the barriers to voting,” says Tanida.

According to Common Cause Hawaii, voting registration will increase by 90% if the system is put into place.

“It’s a really new reform, and only 5 of the states have adopted it, 3 of the states it will not be an effect for this election.” In order to make this registration more modern and easier for voters, this process should allow everyone to have a voice during this election.

It’s possible that this solution can work and be approved but, before this bill has been denied by legislators