Common Cause Goes for Hawaii

Hosanna Diocares

With the voter turnout at an embarrassingly low rate, Common Cause is advocating the passage of automatic voter registration.

“When these people are unable to make their voices heard, our government does not

truly represent everyone,” said Corie Tanida Common Cause Hawaii executive director.

With only 34% of registered voters casting a ballot in the 2016 primary elections Common Cause Hawaii is pushing for lawmakers to

pass a bill. And it’s one that lawmakers must support.

Though their effort to mandate automatic voter registration failed last session, Common Cause announced that they will advocate

once again to have the measure passed during 2017’s legislative session.

This proposal would automatically register residents who apply or a driver’s license. That measure alone would have a major impact

on the state’s voter’s registration and turnout.

“Automatic voters registration would increase efficiency, save the state money, and reduce error,” Tanida said. Automatic voter

registration has won the favor of Office of Elections officials and County Clerks, who run elections in Hawaii. It would eliminate

barriers of voting for all those who are eligible. “The electronic transmittal of voter information would streamline and modernize

a process in dire need of improvement,” said Kauai County Jade Fountain-Tanigawa.

This would likely improve much more than just the voter turnout. “Hawaii has an opportunity to bring its antiquated voter’s

registration system into the 21st century, to break down yet another barrier to strengthen our democracy.

Lawmakers need to strengthen Hawaii’s voting foundation and pass the bill that mandates the automatic voter registration