An Athlete’s Life

Kawika Pegram

Two athletes, both from different parts of the world. Have had almost a completely different life. From support to coaching, Aiden Pike and Marina Hruba are two very exceptional athletes in their own respective sport.

Marina Hruba, a tennis player, was born in the Czech Republic. She was a high school athlete with a struggling background. With barely any support from her peers and classmates, being a student athlete was a difficult task for her.

“My teachers hated me and my classmates hated me.” Marina said as she talked about support with her tennis career. Eventually, proving them wrong as she now goes to UH Monoa as a student athlete.

She eventually moved to Hawaii due to the lack of support, now an athlete for the University of Hawaii for  the team Rainbow Wahine.

At around the same time, all the way on the other side of the world, however, was Aiden Pike. Born in Chico, California, Aiden was born in a Swimmer’s family. His dad, Charles, was a swimmer his entire life. He (Charles) was also his coach in high school.

“I felt kind of forced to work harder.” He said as he describes what it’s like working with his dad as his swimming coach.

Recruited in California, Aiden is now an athlete for University of Hawaii’s swimming team, The Rainbow Warrior’s. Practicing upwards of 24 hours a week.