Schools in Hawaii need to take better action against vaping

Students are unaware of the risks that come with being considered ‘one of the guys’ when they vape.

Educating parents, teachers and students about what vaping really does could lower the number of high school students who vape. Symptoms from illnesses such as nicotine addiction could be identified by teachers and parents if they are taught, in order to help the students.

In schools, students sell e-cigs to other students and some stores sell e-cigs to minors. Students also peer pressure each other into trying the e-cigs and some students use the e-cigs as a way to relieve the stresses of high school.

When students start at a young age, getting hooked can be easier and quitting is harder as they get older since the brain is said to continue developing until the age of 25.

Vaping not only affects the lungs, but other organs such as the brain which can trigger epileptic seizures. Some speculate that the chemicals that are heated in an e-cig is what causes the 12 deaths and over 800 cases of vaping-related incidents.

Students can also go to the student help centers in their school for some assistance. There are some student help centers on the islands that need to be improved in order to provide a safe place for students to discuss their vaping. Suspending students from school will not help them quit vaping, but instead takes away school time.