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UH Rainbow Warrior Marching Band impacts lives of its members

Ashley Angel, The Governor, Farrington High School

October 1, 2019

Head Drum Major of UH Rainbow Warrior Marching Band, Freddy Schulz, shared how the band plays a vital role in his life. Freddy Schulz is a senior in UH Manoa. He will be graduating in Fall 2020 and is planning to pursue music...

The unhealthy trend of vaping

Gabriel Mata, The Governor, Farrington High School

September 30, 2019

The consumption of vaping products is caused by the addition of vaping flavors, teen addiction and the sweet flavors that vaping has in its liquid. Vaping-related symptoms have been more serious recently. According to Dr. Bryan...

Photo courtesy of UH Ahtletics

UH’s Swimming Force

September 29, 2019

12th Vaping Death in the US triggers more research in Hawai’i

Wyatt Cullison, Na Pueo, Mid-Pacific Institute

September 29, 2019

After the 12th vaping death in the US, a Hawaii doctor is on the lookout for young vapers. Hawaii vaping rates are up to the second in the nation at 26%, reports the Center for Disease Prevention and Control. “The CDC and...

Schools in Hawaii need to take better action against vaping

Alyza Lazo, The Governor, Farrington High School

September 29, 2019

Students are unaware of the risks that come with being considered ‘one of the guys’ when they vape. Educating parents, teachers and students about what vaping really does could lower the number of high school students who...

The life of a college student while being a marching band member

Sugar Shandy Reyes, The Governor, Farrington High School

September 29, 2019

Life in college while being a member of the Marching Band might not be as bad as everyone else thought it would be. Both Freddy Schulz and Reeves Higashionna, members of the University of Hawai’i Rainbow Warrior Marching Band, ...