The unhealthy trend of vaping

The consumption of vaping products is caused by the addition of vaping flavors, teen addiction and the sweet flavors that vaping has in its liquid.

Vaping-related symptoms have been more serious recently. According to Dr. Bryan Mih, a person who vapes is more likely to have episodes of seizure, have popcorn lungs and would tend to be more irritable when they are not vaping. With vaping products have flavors in vaping liquids such as Strawberry Watermelon, youth may have a stronger addiction to vaping than adults. The amount of nicotine depends on the product.

Minors who consumed vaping products are addicted due to their peers pressuring them to try vaping once. Once the teen tries to vape for the first time, the flavor of the vape might get them addicted.

According to Dr. Mih, the product that they consumed is not water vapor but aerosol. Social image plays a role in a teen’s addicting to vaping because it is considered as a boosting effect when a post is made onto social media with a person vaping.

Teachers may have to be more aware of their students using vapes. Students would normally inhale the vape in order to avoid suspicion from the teacher.

Health risks of vaping have been more common recently. Some signs include the loss of focus, have different priorities than they have planned just to vape and that the user may be more irritable when the consumer is not vaping. Serious health risks have been linked to vaping such as having episodes of seizures. Vaping can also cause popcorn lungs, having cavities, pneumonia, nausea, diarrhea and fatigue.

The access of vapes is pretty easy. Minors who have access to vape have ties to someone who does, like an older family member. Minors also have connections to vape shops that allow them to buy vapes and sell vapes to their peers for profit.

E-cigs are cheap to get. Vaping products did not get regulations like cigarettes. The FDA approved the use of propylene glycol but not the use for inhalation due to the fact that when heated up, it releases aerosol. The laws for vaping is not strict because vaping is a new trend that teens got addicted to. The addiction to nicotine is not something that can be rid of easily, talking to parents or close relatives about the addiction the first step to getting cleaner.