Heather Cameron’s life as a student athlete

Balancing school and sports

Heather Cameron is a softball player at UH Manoa and she leads her team as a catcher. She received a scholarship to come from southern California to play as a softball player and is currently majoring in marine biology. She is a very outgoing person that really likes softball and animals..

“I’m kinda in control of the game. I like being the leader of my teammates,” Cameron said.

Cameron came to speak to high school journalists about her experiences as a student-athlete in UH Manoa. This is to help journalists gain experience interviewing and writing articles. Cameron was told that she was qualifed to do this and kindly participated, sacrificing time on Saturday.

In her hometown Cerritos, California, Cameron had been playing softball since a very young age. Her outstanding effort had gotten her a scholarship to come to UH Manoa. As a student-athlete, she goes through struggles daily with balancing her studies and practice. This often forces her to wake up early and go through stressful situations.

“I definitely procrastinate because I’m tired at the end of the day. You have to make sacrifices if you’re going to be a good softball player,” Cameron said.

Cameron has sacrificed much of her time to be both a student and an athlete. Practice starts at 4:30 daily and usually ends at around 7:30. Off season she has weight training three times a week and conditioning twice a week.

“This is the end for me,” Cameron said. “D1 is usually the top priority for girls to get into for softball. I’ve lived the dream.”

Cameron does not intend to continue softball as a player after college. She intends to get a career  dealing with marine animals. She does plan to give catching lessons to girls when she returns to give back to the sport that gave her so much in life.

“I really loved the ocean since really young,” Cameron said. “I love sharks because they’re cool.”

Cameron has volunteered at the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach. She loves animals and her hobby is volunteering at aquariums.

Cameron has bountiful experience as a student-athlete and she has experienced when things get rough. With that experience, she has advice for those going through tough times.

“It’s okay to lean on your support system when things are kinda rough,” Cameron said. “My mom was there for me. Don’t be afraid of failure. It’s okay to fail.”