Michelle Pits’s Choice


Pits competing at the Big West Conference

Michelle Pits a qualifier for the Australian Open in 2014, chose University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa for college tennis. Though she had offers from different schools all over, including Arizona, Colorado and Utah. Michelle Pits enjoyed the environment of Hawai‘i much more than the mainland because of similar cultural aspects. The main reasons Pits decided on UH Mānoa is because it was close to her home and the opportunity she got in having a new start somewhere new.

“I decided to go to Hawai‘i because I wanted a new start where I didn’t know anyone,” She said.

Coming from Australia, it was the first time Pits has ever been to the United States.. College tennis means a great deal to Michelle Pits. It provides an education and the enjoyment of the sport she loves. At UH she was awarded a scholarship where her and her family didn’t have to worry about money aspects. Growing up, Pits mentioned she didn’t come from a wealthy family. Attending UH Mānoa, Pits had the full package.

“With Hawai‘i, I just felt that it’s close to home,” Pits said “Also, I really love the program and I thought why not come to Hawaii and play the sport I love.”

Michelle Pits is looking forward to the season ahead at UH Mānoa. Pits is currently trying to balance a schedule of 20 hour a week of practices and receive a degree in kinesiology. Her main goals this year are to have a more aggressive game and a winning