Summer 2020 opportunities for journalism students and advisers

There are many opportunities for journalism students and advisers over the summer. If you know of opportunities that are not on this list, email us at [email protected].

Ball State University is offering free summer workshops June 15-July 1

Summer Workshops


The Remote Reporter: A free video series by the Newmark J-School to help journalists and journalism students with tools and techniques needed to work remotely and cover the coronavirus pandemic:

How to find and use copyright-free visuals now that you are stuck at home;
How to find and assess health experts as sources;
How to make the most of LinkedIn to find a job;
and more.
Each episode is 25 minutes or less! Watch now.

The Washington Post’s NIE program April 2020 online curriculum guide, In the Time of Novel Coronavirus, provides Washington Post resources to study, discuss, research and reflect on the pandemic. All curriculum guides may be accessed at no cost at

If you are worried about access to your Creative Cloud account at school, advisers have said Adobe Spark pages is easy to use, free, and has tons of options/flexibility. Check out the free online course (“Get started with digital storytelling”) for Adobe for educators and students to learn more about how it works … and the course includes a certificate of completion, so it might work well as a component of distance learning in itself.

High School Journalism Students and Advisers Online Experience to Improve Your Journalism Skills and Prepare You for the Next School Year. Online at MediaNow.Press.  LIVE events will be June 22- 25 with access to all materials through September 1, 2020. Registration is $99.

Media Now Online

The SNO Academy: Virtual Interactive Classes for Media Advisers and Student Journalists


UH Manoa has a news literacy course available to high school seniors, particularly those coming to UHManoa. Interested students can contact [email protected]

JOUR 150: Journalism and Society (DS) – Diversification in the social sciences
May 26-June 12 (3 weeks)
ONLINE –3 credits
High school seniors have two options.
1. Early Start Program – This program is for incoming Manoa freshmen. A student accepted to Manoa in the Fall may start in the summer. A very simple online application is needed. Note the application deadline is May 15. Here is our website for this program:
2. If the student is not attending Manoa in the Fall, they may apply directly to Outreach College using the Summer Application.

JEA provides library of educational resources from past NSMC prompts

John Vitti of the Boston Globe sends out interesting emails about events organized by his organization Headliners in Education or others. Register for his emails here. Since the stay-at-home orders were issued, he has organized virtual interviews with:

* All things college journalism with guests from Northeastern, Harvard, Penn State, and Texas.
* Boston Globe film critic Ty Burr
* Presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke
* Presidential candidate Marianne Williamson
* Presidential candidate Seth Moulton
* Author Lois Lowry
* Author Ngozi Ukazu
* Boston Globe photographers Barry Chin and Jim Davis
* COVID-19 researcher Ben Jacobson from Harvard Global Health Institute
* Broadway stage manager Cherie B. Tay
* Musician Adam Melchor
* Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation
* Dave Andelman of the Phantom Gourmet
* NYC podcaster Ilana Levine
* Google skills teacher Maggie Farley
* School admissions counselors (1) from UMass Lowell, BC, Saint Anselm, and Mount Holyoke
* School admissions counselors (2) from Brandeis, Williams, Ben Franklin Institute of Technology, and Mount Holyoke
He recorded all the interviews, so if you would like the video, email him.

The National Student Media Contests (formerly Write-off Contests) include a large library of prompts from past conventions that Contest Director Nancy Smith, MJE, pulled into a folder for teachers to use in distance learning lessons. Each folder contains the contest sheets as originally presented at past conventions. The materials are easily adaptable for a number of uses. For example, material from the Newspaper Page Design folders could be used for students to write short news stories and captions for the photos provided. Teachers could have students look at the photos in a Yearbook Theme Page folder and select the three best and explain why those photos are the best technically. If students do not have access to Adobe software, they can use an online infographic creator like Canva to design infographics using the data provided in the Infographic or Photo Illustration prompts. Teachers could invite students to examine the material in a Yearbook Inside Page Design folder and determine what story forms they would add to the coverage.

Times are tough – we need to be at our best. More kindness. More patience. More giving.  And we at PPA want to pitch in to make things a little easier. What better way to spend your time at home than preparing your business for when things kick back into high gear?That’s why PPA is opening ALL of our online education to ALL photographers and small business owners worldwide.All you need to do is create a free account to access over 1,100+ online classes. If you already have a PPA account, login to access all of PPA’s education.

The Columbia Scholastic Press Association invites print and online staffs to take part in its 39th annual Summer Journalism Workshop – offered this year exclusively as virtual experience.
Each participant, whether student or adviser, will have access to content focusing on either writing, editing, management or advanced design.